Opposites – Diana

Five years ago when I moved to Manchester, it didn’t feel like a very impressive city. All I ever saw of it was up and down Oxford road riding the Magic bus to Uni. As Manchester became a home to me, I started discovering other parts of the city with its beautiful streets and I started to fall in love with its people and places. I now understand why it is so hard to leave Manchester; there is something special in the sort of sense that everything seems possible. It feels like a safe place where everybody can express themselves and be who they want to be! The city feels diverse and welcoming to everything that comes along which makes it one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever been to.

For me the greatest thing that is has done was to allow me to fall back in love with photography. Walking through Manchester’s streets with my camera has played a big role in this. So in a way this is a tribute to Manchester, to show different parts of the city that I love exploring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nice sunny day or a classic pissing it down kind of day, it never loses its magic and hope it only manages to grow even more.

The opposite pictures show different sides of Manchester, new and modern around the city center and next to them old and filled with personality in areas like Didsbury and Chorlton. This is a collection of pictures to which I never want to stop adding to, as I get to know Manchester even more. Black and white against the colorful pictures might seem as if they take a second place but the sets of pictures express my love for the diversity that you can find in the city!





































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