Sean: Hard Times


The times are a-changin, life’s feeling different,
A turbulent ride that’s quite inconsistent
with what we’re all used to, an outer dimension
where autopilot is out of the question

Pursued by a plague and we’ll never outrun her,
The Bat-man’s responsible, Robin our summer,
The drummer’s off beat, and it doesn’t seem right,
Nothing’s quite normal, routines are awry,
‘Happy New Year!’ we had screamed in style,
With hope in our hearts and a beam of a smile

Better luck next year, the greatest decline,
Pandemic Eric was waiting in line,
Behind the bush fires and wartime potential,
Strong palate warmers, more wine essential

Cos this lad was lurking amongst all the offal,
An innocuous spark, a combustible bottle,
and at once the falafel seems more appealing,
You blink, and it’s spread from the floor to the ceiling,
And then to next door and then Wuhan’s infected,
A month or two passes, it’s unprecedented,
Tom Hanks and Arteta are vaguely connected,
Because money means nowt, we’re all gravely affected

It attacks without prejudice, no insulation,
Our cages are rattled in every location,
Mates are marooned on bloody vacation,
Which doesn’t sound bad, but consider inflation,
They earn in a land where things cost nada,
So they’re locked in the kitchen, raiding the larder,
An unwelcome invasion, a Spanish Armada,
Has unfolded it’s sails and been banished from harbour

‘But is it that bad? You’ll prob’ly recover’,
Well that may be true, but I care about others,
We all know sick people and mostly have mothers
who aren’t quite as lucky when somebody suffers,
And this callousness is taking a hold,
Buying some pasta’s like raking for gold,
It’s Lord of the Flies time, the savagest blindness,
Where self preservation is ravaging kindness

We’ve all had those thoughts, those solemn asides
of people we know that may not survive,
And if it hits me, then how to proceed?
Hospital sounds pretty wild indeed,
Plus full of sick people that really don’t need
to take any chances with fucking COVID

The irony is that our usual reaction
to such a catastrophe, such an infraction,
Would probably mean choosing interaction
to make us feel warmth, some human attraction,
Instead, isolation, Dawn of the Dead,
You can’t help your mates that are poorly in bed
because then you’re in trouble, your wellness is fucked,
A curse that’s a gift if you’re selfish enough

It’s all pretty bleak, but we’re in it together,
The memes are on point, they’re better than ever,
It could be bad taste, but it helps with the struggle
that if we go down we’ll go down with a chuckle,
Medellin’s calm, it feels like denial,
Borders are closing, so here for a while,
So let’s call to action creative endeavour,
Cos we need our distractions, now more than ever


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