Sean: Lonely Planet

Ghost town

Part 2 of a COVID trilogy. Hoping for a happy ending.

Right in the thick of it, vegetable status,
Tempestuous times of exceptional stasis,
The festival playlists stream in the kitchen,
While bamboozled occupants pray for a smidgen
of hope from somewhere, that this can slow down,
That staying at home in your slippers and gown
will have some effect, while services work late,
Like wearing a straitjacket during an earthquake

And sometimes you worry, feel a bit wretched,
You’re doing better than you would have expected,
A willing homebody, while some are infected,
You’re having a rest and watching detectives
solving great crimes, while gathering riches,
You’re sleeping aplenty and hammering mixes,
Clattering dishes, no longer lazy,
You’re cooking up storms like Poseidon, daily
and buying the good stuff, no more manky cola,
But blue veiny stilton and wanky granola

Because food’s the escape, the daily retreat,
If it’s not what I’m doing it’s ‘what can I eat?
And boozing alone with thrilling affection,
Raising a glass to my grinning reflection
and singing while drunk, like a primal fable,
While beer bottles clog up the dining room table

And who can I speak to? One at a time please,
Opportunistic apps can combine these
25 people in one dimension,
Wobbling faces vie for attention
in columns of nonsense and mass interruption,
Mute button bandits wreak savage disruption
and times can be tested as flatmates imbibe
the decibel-shredding House Party vibe

That being said, errands are groovy,
Stroll through the ghost town like Velma and Scooby
and hit up the shop, cashiers in disguise
with surgical masks and cheer in their eyes,
Adventure soon over, time to head home,
Meat Loaf’s pulsating out of your phone
and you’re singing along, croaking in tune,
A bothering-noone, dystopian loon

But as our world shrinks, humanity grows,
Empathy finds us as sanity slows ,
And people they suffer as life’s gotten harder
for all of us out there, the housewife, the barber,
And if you’re still working like me, then be grateful,
Emails are warmer, these small things are weightful,
They help you keep going, to face the unrest,
As ‘take care Sean’ replaces just ‘Best
and that can go far, some feeling it works,
When days can be shitty and ceilings can burst
cos it pours when it rains, and it’s pelted a while,
So be nice when you can, and welcome a smile

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